Dear Members; dear Friends,

Adam Roczek, EUSA PresidentOn behalf of the Executive Committee of the European University Sports Association, I have the honour of inviting you to take part in the EUSA General Assembly which will be held in Budapest, hosted by our member, the Hungarian University Sports Federation (MEFS) in cooperation with the University of Physical Education, and also supported by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

Our scheduled Assembly has been postponed from 2020, and I am pleased that the event will be organized primarily as a face-to-face event, first such EUSA event since December 2019. Together with the HUSF, which we thank for generously offering to hold the GA in Budapest, we will implement all necessary measurements to secure safe sanitary conditions for all the Assembly’s attendees.

Although in a limited setting, the EUSA General Assembly will be an opportunity for representatives of EUSA member associations to meet, get acquainted with the activities in the past period and elect a new Executive Committee, as well as to approve activity plan and budget for next two years period. Strategic Dialogue with FISU is an essential part of the Assembly as the outcomes of the discussion will have significant impact on our development.

I am also excited to see the implementation of changes regarding new good governance rules in our executive body, setting that minimum one place among EC voting members is foreseen for a candidate holding student status at the time of the election and minimum three places among EC voting members are foreseen for the less represented gender.

I look forward to meeting you in Budapest!

Adam Roczek, EUSA President



Dear EUSA Family members; dear Friends,

Lajos Mocsai, MEFS President & TF RectorI feel honoured to have the possibility to welcome you to Budapest as the President of the Hungarian University Sports Federation and Leader of the University of Physical Education on the occasion of the EUSA Electoral General Assembly. Following the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic I honestly hope that we all can continue our work in the normal routine very soon. Although most of the sport events have been cancelled, in this period we had the opportunity to prepare our detailed plans for the future and restart the university sport life on a higher level than ever before.

As the newly elected President of the Hungarian University Sports Federation, I consider making sports a value and a fashion for young people in higher education a priority tasks. I consider a priority to create real value communities in connection with sports at universities, which can help to overcome social and generational problems, and which will reflect the lifestyle and life quality improving strength of the student’s intelligentsia and of the future intellectual elite.

We need to provide young people with the opportunity and practice to be active in physical culture at least three times a week and to create an opportunity for our elite athletes to develop a dual career.

We consider it extremely important to use the potential of movement literacy and movement culture to make it clear to everyone that working knowledge, decision-making, and responsibility in other areas of life depend on the regular, lifestyle-integrated practice of this field of education to large extent.

I believe that together with EUSA and the European university sports community we can achieve the above goals with systematic work, with the love of and respect for young people.

I wish you all a pleasant stay in Budapest and successful participation at the General Assembly!

Lajos Mocsai, MEFS President and TF Rector